Health and Fire Hazards

Painters use poisonous materials also today , and you can buy them at painting material shops. Some materials have strong poison . Therefore , you have to have knowledge of them before practice . These poisons are harmful to health of painters and especially babies and pregnant women. If you have babies or small child , you hove to be careful more.

As for paint , Cadmium Yellow , Cadmium Red , Vermillion , Silver White are known as poisonous colour. Take care not to put these poisonous paint on your skin. And wash your hands after work.

When you use pigments , you must pay attention the most. Pigments fly easyly and you probably take them with your breath. You need working clothes and dustproof masks. You should prepare your own atelier if you can , and in this case , do not carry your working cloth to your life area. Cadmium Yellow is Cadmium sulphide, Cadmium Red is cadmium sulpho-selenide. Vermillion contains mercury, Silver white is Lead carbonate. They are strongest poisonous pigments. Cerulean Blue and Cobalt Blue , Cobalt violet , etc. are poisonous. Also Raw Umber has very small amount of manganese dioxide. As for old pigments which are not used today , Malachite , Azurite , Chrome yellow , etc. were known as poisonous pigments. See "the pigment table" to check.

Gas of Solvents or Diluents in the air is poisonous for human bodies. Well ventilation is always necessary while you work.

You should consider fire hazard , too. It's needless to say that Turpentines and Petrols are inflammable. And also drying oils are heated a little by the chemical reaction of dryness on the process of drying. It usually won't be high temperature. But , to include Siccative , sometimes it'll be high. Leaving paper or rag cloth Drying oils , Siccative and Solvents soaked into, there is a possibility of burning. When you throw them away , it is desirable to add a little water.

Some pages on this site provides methods using fire instruments. Especially , Heating mediums is a dangerous task ( Prepare an extinguisher ). Please do try and practice every method by your liability. I shall bear no liability for any loss of profits or damage from the use of this site.

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