Animal Skin Glue

Animal Skin Glue is made from animal's skin or born and it has been used as adhesive from ancient times. For art materoal, Rabbit's, sheep's or deer's skin glue are popular.

In western painting, animal skin glue had been one of important bider until late medieval times, like egg, K[C or Gum arabic. Especiary it had benn used for manuscripts. Today, we use it for only size or ground. In eastern painting, animal skin glue is still used as the most important binder.

Shattered rabbitskin glue Sanzenbon
(japanese art material)

You can buy Shattered rabbitskin glue adjusting art use at the art material shop. But you can use pure Gelatin instead of animal skin gule. You can buy it at the super market near your house.

When you use animal skin glue, you will make the glue dissolve into water first . This solution is called "Glue solution". The glue solution could be used for binder, medium, adhesive. Below explanation teaches you how to make glue solution.

At first, put shattered rabbitskin glue into water to expand like below pictures. It takes 3 to 6 hours ( in summar 3h, in winter 6h ). Shattered glue expands soon, but not shattered glue(plate or stick gule) takes 6 to 12 hours. According to most of technical books, the ratio bitween water and glue is 1 liter to 70-100g. You Should put glue into the beaker first, then pour water. Don't forget cover the mouth of the beaker by clear-plastic wrap to keep away dust.

- to -
Before Expanding
After 3 hours

Then heat the expanded glue to be glue solution. Do not heat the beaker direct. You should prepare a watered pot on a portable clay cookstove and put a small cloth on the bottom of the pot. Then puto the beaker over the small cloth and start to heat. Do not leave it during heating and be careful a burn.

It doesn't demand so high temperature and long time. A portable clay stoove is enough. Rummage to avoid burning glue solution and heat it around 50 degrees centigrade. Do not heat over 60 degrees or boil. If it's over 60, Its ability as bond become poor. And getting cool, glue solution congeals soon. You have to keep the suitable temperature.

Heat it like the illustration

The remained glue solution can be use again after a few days by heating it again. You should put it into your refrigerator. But whenever it be heat again, its ability as bond become poor after all.

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